Para road cycling

An exceptional setting, staff trained to meet your specific needs, numerous adapted courses, dedicated equipment...

Everything on site so you can focus on your performance.

Dedicated safe premises

Your cycling gear (bikes, helmets, cycling outfits, sensors..) is expensive and it should be kept safe from both theft and bad weather.

Save some time while getting ready for training and make sure all your equipment is in a good state and ready to be used.

Secure room
Video surveillance

Maintenance and repairs Workshop

Check your bikes regularly, make sure to keep an eye on the wear of the various components, make alterations and regular adjustments, replace any damaged or broken elements.

You can also identify problems quickly or make complex repairs such as adjusting electronic transmission systems or replacing the bearing, etc.

Garage - workshop
Wash station
Spare parts store
Bike mechanic

Handicap welcome

Our facilities are adapted to allow easy access for people in wheelchairs, with access ramps, spacious elevators, sufficiently wide doors and equipped toilets.

Our staff are trained to understand the specific needs of people with reduced mobility and to be able to assist them appropriately and respectfully.

We are undertaking initiatives aimed at raising awareness among our visitors of the importance of accessibility and promoting a positive attitude towards people with reduced mobility.

Room and sanitary facilities for people with reduced mobility
Toilettes aménagées

Visual disabilities

Our facilities are designed to be accessible to people with visual disabilities.

This includes installing ramps, handrails, tactile signage and adequate lighting to facilitate circulation and wayfinding.

Our staff are also trained to understand the specific needs of people with visual disabilities and, once again, be able to assist them appropriately and respectfully.

031 - Wheelchair rampCreated with Sketch.

Marked route and friendly climate

Professional dedicated routes through wonderful landscapes of garrigue (scrubland).

Safety is essential during training, that's why we take into acount all aspescts of road safety (intersections, roads that are either new or in very good state) as well as any additional safety measures needed.

Behind each route can be appropriate back-up with departure and arrival areas, refreshment points with food and water, toilets and health facilities , parking areas and safety equipment.


Meals are prepared with care to offer athletes appropriate nutrition. They are macro-balanced (carbs, proteins and fats) and rich in vitamins and essential minerals.

Menus are put together with the help of a team of nutritionists in order to make sure they provide all necessary nutriments for athletic performances, recovery and general health.

The opening times of the restaurant have been set in collaboration with the athletes to take into account training and recovery times. For instance, athletes who train early in the morning can get an early breakfast or light snacks options before their training sessions.

Vegetarian, gluten free or allergy-friendly options are available to answer the specific needs of each athlete.

Local products
Organic products


The spacious, well lit rooms with functionnal furniture are the perfect environment for athletes to rest. They have very comfortable beds with top quality mattresses made out of hypoallergenic and acarid resistant materials.

Each room has AC, generous storage space, a flat screen TV, a private bathroom with a shower, a sink and toilets.

Air conditioner
Private bathroom

Fitness (Bodybuilding)/ Sports

Bodybuilding is a key part of training:

To develop the muscular strength needed during accelarations and sprints and to give better performances in terms of speed and power.

To work on specific muscle groups used in cyclism and prevent injuries, particularly in the knees, hips and lower back.

Bodybuilding helps get better stability and balance, which are crucial to keep a good posture and prevent injuries.

Body building fitness room

Recovery / Debriefing

After an active cooling down period and gentle stretching exercises, you will have access to a physiotherapy room, to cold baths and all useful equipment for an efficient recovery.

You can also debrief the latest training session and/or plan the next ones in a dedicated meeting room with video equipment.

Food program
Physiotherapy / massage room
Cold baths
Video equipment

Leisure / Relaxation

Athletes also have access to leisure rooms (game room, cinema room...) where they can relax and find entertainment outside training hours.

These spaces are important to encourage conviviality, build team spirit and give athletes some balance between training and relaxation.

Table tennis
Fun beach
Conviviality room
Game room
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